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10:00 AM
Caring for Aging Parents
Registration Required
Sponsor: Human Resources

12:30 PM
"Phase Transitions and the Principle of Detailed Balance in Living Systems"
Open to the Public
Speaker: Fred MacKintosh
Sponsor: Center for Theoretical Biological Physics

2:30 PM
Engineering Blood and Marrow for Cancer Therapy
Speaker: Dr. Michael Mitchell
Sponsor: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

4:00 PM
Why is Privacy Critical to the Success of a Public Census: Observations from a Former Director of the United State Bureau of the Census - Privacy Lecture Series
Open to the Public
Speaker: Steve Murdock
Sponsor: Scientia

4:00 PM
Safeguarding Users from Adversarial Networks
Speaker: Roya Ensafi
Sponsor: Computer Science

4:00 PM
Bioengineering Colloquia Series--Food, drugs, and bugs: role of the gut microbiome in nutrition and pharmacology
Open to the Public
Speaker: Peter Turnbaugh, Ph.D.
Sponsor: Bioengineering

4:00 PM
Special Colloquium: The standard map, Lyapunov exponent and randomness
Open to the Public
Speaker: Jinxin Xue
Sponsor: Mathematics

5:30 PM
Class Recital
Open to the Public
Artist: Students of Kenneth Goldsmith
Sponsor: Shepherd School of Music
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