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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Speaker: Ciyuan Qiu
Doctoral Candidate

Silicon Photonic Devices for Optical Computing

Monday, November 4, 2013
2:00 PM  to 5:00 PM

200  Continuing Studies

Traditional CMOS computing technology will face its miniaturizing problem and optical computing technology becomes the leading candidate to solve this issue. In this thesis, we show new developed silicon photonics devices and circuit architecture for optical computing. In the first part, we will show a new circuit architecture based on the directed-logic paradigm for optical computing, and it can minimize the latency in calculating a complicated logic function compared with conventional Boolean logic. This new architecture also offers significant improvement in reconfigurability and scalability. In the second part, we will show 3D spatial light modulator. It is a key element for optical computing but cannot be built based on traditional evanescent coupling scheme. Here we first show a novel perturbation-base diffractive coupling scheme that allows a high-Q planer resonator to directly interact with and manipulate free-space waves. Bases on perturbation-base diffractive scheme, we then demonstrate a compact spatial light modulator by using a silicon-based photonic crystal cavity whose resonance can be rapidly tuned with a p-i-n junction.

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