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Center for Multimedia Communication

Speaker: James Gross
Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

EchoRing - Ultra-Reliable Wireless Networking for Hard Real-Time Applications

Thursday, January 9, 2014
2:00 PM  to 3:00 PM

3076  George R. Brown Hall
Rice University
6100 Main St
Houston, Texas, USA

The upcoming application class of machine-type-communications (MTC) emphasizes novel quality-of-service requirements which have not been addressed by wireless systems so far. This holds in particular for critical monitoring and control tasks, that arise in traffic safety but also in other context like the smart grid or industrial automation. Here, very short latencies of a few milliseconds need to be met at high reliability levels. This poses two questions: Can wireless systems serve such applications at all, and if so, how do we build such systems? This talk addresses both aspects. We argue that in principle - by means of cooperation - wireless networks can provide the required level of reliability and latency. However, the major difficulty lies now in the precise engineering of the real protocol and requires the application of novel tools. In particular, we demonstrate how probabilistic model checking can efficiently guide the development of a prototypical system named EchoRing. EchoRing is implemented ontop of the WARP prototyping environment and we finally discuss its experimental performance with respect to hard real-time requirements.

Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal

Biography of James Gross:
James Gross is an Associate Professor with the Electrical Engineering School of KTH since November 2012. His general research interests lie in the areas of machine-to-machine communications, algorithms and protocols for wireless networks, and performance evaluation methods. Prior to joining KTH, he was the head of the Mobile Network Performance Group at RWTH Aachen, Germany from 2008 - 2012 and member of the DFG-funded UMIC research centre of RWTH. James studied electrical engineering from 1996 to 2001 at TU Berlin and UC San Diego. He received his PhD from TU Berlin in 2006 and worked at TU Berlin as Post-doc in 2007. He has published about 70 (peer-reviewed) papers in international journals and conference. Two of these papers had the luck to be awarded as best papers (IEEE WoWMoM 2009 and EW 2009).

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