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Speaker: Ali Sobhani
Masters Candidate

Narrowband Photodetection in the Near-infrared with a Plasmon-induced Hot Electron Device

Monday, February 24, 2014
10:00 AM  to 11:00 AM

BRK 200  Continuing Studies

In gratings, incident light can couple strongly to plasmons propagating through periodically spaced slits in a metal film, resulting in a strong, resonant absorption whose frequency is determined by the nanostructure periodicity. When a grating is patterned on a silicon substrate, the absorption response can be combined with plasmon-induced hot electron photocurrent generation. This yields a photodetector with a strongly resonant, narrowband photocurrent response in the infrared, limited at low frequencies by the Schottky barrier, not the bandgap of silicon. Here we report a grating-based hot electron device with significantly larger photocurrent responsivity than previously reported antenna-based geometries. The grating geometry also enables more than three times narrower spectral response than observed for nanoantenna-based devices. This approach opens up the possibility of plasmonic sensors with direct electrical readout, such as an on-chip surface plasmon resonance detector driven at a single wavelength.

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