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Thesis Defense

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Speaker: Sharan Naribole
Masters Candidate

Small Cells and Mobile Clients: a Measurement Study of an Operational Network

Friday, May 16, 2014
9:00 AM  to 10:30 AM

A227  Anderson Biological Laboratories

Small cells address the increasing traffic demands from mobile users and target improved coverage and capacity and better quality of experience to users. This thesis presents the first large-scale measurement study of voice and data service performance of an operational small cell cellular network. Nation-wide fine-grained voice service measurements are analyzed to gain insight into the nature and implications of handovers on voice service performance. Further, this thesis studies coarse-grained service quality measurements of small cells and macro cells deployed at a densely populated tourist attraction. The traffic offload to small cells and the impact of network events on the data service performance are analyzed. This in-depth study targets a better understanding of the advantages and trade-offs of deploying small cells in operational networks and provides a foundation for future studies of mobility management and development of techniques for improvement of service performance.

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