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Chao Center for Asian Studies
Dean of Humanities
Rice Cinema

Artist: Sandeep Ray
Film Director and Henry Luce Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Southeast Asian Studies

The Sound of Old Rooms (Kokkho-Poth, 2011)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
7:00 PM  to 9:00 PM

Rice Media Center
Rice University
6100 Main St
Houston, Texas, USA


India/2011/Bengali dialogue with English subtitles/Color/HDCam/72 minutes

Q&A with Director following screening

Light refreshments | Free and open to the public

In a similar vein to Hoop Dreams (1994) and Boyhood (2014), The Sound of Old Rooms is a longitudinal observation of an aspiring Bengali poet coming of age over the course of two decades in Calcutta, India. The film draws its strength from Sarthak’s (and his family’s) candidness and willingness to share the truths about their everyday lives, giving us a deeply intimate and personal look at a traditional Indian household trying to keep up with rapidly changing society... A delightful character study of a rapidly vanishing model of Indian manhood that once dominated college campuses and coffee houses across urban India. The level of access the filmmaker was able to obtain while filming speaks to the time and commitment that goes into cultivating respectful relationships over several decades that produce such rare gems as The Sound of Old Rooms. - American Anthropologist.

Grand Prize, Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Nominated, Asia Pacific Screen Award

Biography of Sandeep Ray:
Sandeep Ray is a Southeast Asian historian and award-winning filmmaker, having received the Grand Prize from the Taiwan International Document film festival in 2012 and a Best Director award from the Dubai International Film Festival in 2013, among others. He received his PhD in history from the National University of Singapore. More information about Sandeep can be found on his website: sandeepray.com.

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