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Materials Science & NanoEngineering

Speaker: Richard D James
Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
University of Minnesota

MSNE Seminar Series - Prof. Richard D. James "Atomistically Inspired Origami” (450/451/500)

Thursday, March 2, 2017
3:00 PM  to 4:00 PM

Rice University
6100 Main St
Houston, Texas, USA

In the simplest case “Objective Structures” are structures like carbon nanotubes, graphene and phosphorene in which each atom "sees the same environment". We comment on their striking prevalence in nanoscience, materials science and biology and also explain why they arise in a natural way as distinguished structures in quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics and continuum mechanics. The underlying mathematical idea is that the isometry group that generates the structure matches the invariance group of the differential equations. Their characteristic features in molecular science imply desirable features for macroscopic structures. We illustrate the latter by constructing some “objective origami” structures.

Biography of Richard D James:
Richard D. James is the Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota. He has a Sc.B. in Engineering from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. He has authored more than 150 articles, has given 40 plenary or named lectureships, and was awarded the Humboldt Senior Research Award (2006/7), the Warner T. Koiter Medal from ASME (2008), the William Prager Medal from the Society of Engineering Science, and the Brown Engineering Alumni Medal (2009), and the Theodore von Karman Prize from SIAM (2014). Presently he works on two subjects: 1) martensitic phase transformations and multiferroic materials with applications to energy conversion, and 2) a new way to think about the structure of matter termed “objective structures”.

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