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Speaker: Kaden Hazzard
Rice University (Physics)

Geometry-Analysis: Ultracold matter: a window into many-particle quantum physics

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
4:00 PM  to 5:00 PM

227  Herman Brown Hall
Rice University
6100 Main St
Houston, Texas, USA

How do properties of a many-component system emerge from interactions between its parts? This is a fundamental question in all of science. Quantum physics poses important variants of it. For example, its answer is necessary to predict the properties of real materials, or to harness the emerging frontier of "quantum technologies" -- technologies that surpass all possible classical counterparts. However, many-particle quantum physics turns out to be more intractable than classical mechanics in a fundamental way: its "difficulty" increases exponentially with the number of particles. I will introduce quantum mechanics and explain how it gives rise to this fundamental barrier. I will describe my theory group's research on "ultracold matter" cooled to nanoKelvin temperatures, and how this is reshaping our understanding of many-particle quantum systems.

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