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Applied Physics

Speaker: Yue Zhang
Doctoral Candidate

Imaging surface plasmon with electron spectroscopies and acoustic vibration

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
2:45 PM  to 4:00 PM

301A  Space Science Building

Surface plasmon, collaborative oscillation of conduction band electrons in metal, has attracted research attention very much, due to its potential applications to many fields, such as sensing, photodetector, photocatalysis and imaging. It benefits from easily tunable resonance from ultra-violet (UV) to infrared by many factors like environment, structure size, shape, material and coupling between individual structures. This thesis will cover two parts of surface plasmon: (1) imaging surface plasmon with electron spetroscopies and (2) acoustic vibration excited by surface plasmon. Electron excited plasmon method can achieve high spatial resolution and energy resolution than optical spectroscopy. This makes it a great to image and map surface plasmon. Building corresponding simulation model help us to have deep understanding about how electrons interact with material and excite surface plasmon. Acoustic vibration excited by surface plasmon is also important. After plasmon excited by a femtosecond laser, it will generate hot electron which will further transfer energy to phonon and launch acoustic vibration. This thesis shows how to find a good excitation and probing condition to generate acoustic vibration.

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