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Computer Science

Speaker: Arghya Chatterjee
Masters Candidate

Enabling Distributed Reconfiguration in an Actor Model

Monday, April 17, 2017
3:00 PM  to 5:00 PM

1049  Duncan Hall

The demand for portable mainstream programming models supporting scalable, reactive and versatile distributed computing is growing dramatically with the proliferation of manycore/heterogeneous processors on portable devices and cloud computing clusters that can be elastically and dynamically allocated. With such changes, distributed software systems and applications are increasingly shifting towards service oriented architectures (SOA) that consist of dynamically replaceable components, and connected via loosely coupled, interactive networks that can support more complex coordination and synchronization patterns. In this dissertation, we address the dynamic reconfiguration challenges that arise in distributed implementations of the Selector Model. We focus on the Selector Model (a generalization of the actor model) in this work because of its support for multiple guarded mailboxes, which enables the programmer to easily specify coordination patterns that are more general than those supported by the actor model. The contributions of this dissertation are demonstrated in two implementations of distributed selectors, one for distributed servers and another for distributed Android devices. Both implementations run on distributed JVMs and feature the automated boot- strap and global termination capabilities introduced in this dissertation. In addition, the distributed Android implementation supports dynamic joining and leaving of devices, which is also part of the dynamic reconfiguration capabilities introduced in this dissertation.

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