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Thesis Defense

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Shepherd School of Music

Speaker: Daria Tennikova-Satral
Masters Candidate

Three Scenes for Symphony Orchestra

Monday, April 10, 2017
1:00 PM  to 3:00 PM

conference room  Alice Pratt Brown Hall

Three Scenes for Symphony Orchestra is a triptych of character pieces, each of which represents a contrasting musical idea informed by a personal vision of the three popular genres: a march, a song and a dance. Each of the movements also has a connection to a specific national character; therefore it is apt to explain its programmatic nature. The march represents the Roman Empire of most glorious times of Julius Caesar’s s rule. It represents a triumphant procession of Caesar and his legions. The second movement is a vision of Russian serfs singing while performing labor in the fields or rowing a boat. The melancholy nature of the melody refers to the protyazhnaja genre in Russian folk tradition. The third movement represents a sunny nation of Ukraine. Its cheerful character and strong national flavor is expressed though the fast-paced rhythms and particular accent patterns of this famous national dance- Gopak.

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