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Speaker: Kamalika Ghosh
Doctoral Candidate

Trait and Experiential Antecedents of Indian Medical Students’ Prosocial Knowledge and their Contribution to Students’ Clinical Performance

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
2:30 PM  to 4:00 PM

462  Sewall Hall

Drawing upon Motowidlo and Beier’s (2010) theoretical model, the present cross-sectional field study shows the ways in which Indian medical students’ (N = 310) job specific experiential antecedent or students’ perception about supervisors’ prosociality contributes to their prosocial knowledge and clinical performance in a high power distance (PD) culture. It also replicates the finding (Ghosh, Motowidlo, & Nath, 2017) that prosocial knowledge mediates the effect of agreeableness on performance even in a high-stakes profession like medicine. Importantly, this study underscores the possibility that the display of supervisory prosocial conduct can facilitate students’ beliefs about effectiveness of prosocial patient care irrespective of their stand on agreeableness personality trait. Contrary to the expectation, students’ attribution of referent power failed to moderate the relationship between students’ supervisors’ prosociality and clinical performance. Practical and theoretical contributions of this study are discussed with recommendations of potential research avenues.

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