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Speaker: Xiao Yang
Doctoral Candidate

Extraordinary light-induced local field, angular momentum and force near metallic nanoparticles

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
1:30 PM  to 3:00 PM

300  Brockman Hall for Physics

The intense local field induced near metallic nanostructures provides strong enhancements for surface enhanced spectroscopies, a major focus of plasmonics research over the past decade. Here we show several different nanoantennas for SEIRA detection, which exhibit an order of magnitude greater SEIRA sensitivity than previous record-setting designs. We also consider that plasmonic nanoparticles can induce remarkably large electromagnetic field gradients near their surfaces, which can excite dipole-forbidden transitions in nearby atoms or molecules and provide unique spectroscopic fingerprinting for chemical and bimolecular sensing. We introduce the concept of the local angular momentum (LAM) vector as a useful figure of merit for the design of nanostructures that provide large field gradients. Finally, we introduce a new technique that can demonstrate the mapping of electromagnetic forces between a nanoscale tip and an optically excited sample consisting of plasmonic nanostructures with an imaging platform based on atomic force microscopy.

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