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March 10
3:00 PM
Extraordinary Healing and The Hermeneutics of Privilege: the Healer Valentine Greatrakes (1629–1683), Robert Boyle (1627–1691), and Equivocating about the Miraculous in Early Modern Scientific Medicine
Open to the Public
Speaker: Benjamin Brochstein
Sponsor: Religion
March 18
8:30 AM
Religious Pluralism in Africa & the African Diaspora
Open to the Public
Speakers: Elias Bongmba, David Cook, Biko Gray, enoch Gbadegesin, Michael Mwankpa, Mickie Mwanzia, Itohan Odunwonyi, Rachel Schneider
Sponsor: Religion
March 23
3:00 PM
The Metamorphosis of Monsters: Christian Identity in Medieval England and the Life of St. Margaret
Open to the Public
Speaker: Michael Heyes
Sponsor: Religion
March 24
4:00 PM
To Know a Buddha: A Tibetan Contemplative History and Its Implications for Religious Studies
Open to the Public
Speaker: Elena Claire Villarreal
Sponsor: Religion
March 26 through March 28 Rockwell Gnostic Counter Cultures
Open to the Public
Speakers: April Deonick, Grant Adamson, Dylan Burns, John Turner, Zeke Mazur, Gregory Shaw, Michael Kaler, Fritz Graf, Kocku von Stuckard, Mark Pegg, Lautaro Lanzillota, David Litwa, Victoria Nelson, Erik Davis, Mark Pilkington, Wouter Hanegraaff
Sponsor: Religion
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