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September 30
4:00 PM
Concurrent Disjoint Set Union
Speaker: Robert E Tarjan
Sponsor: Computer Science
October 07
3:00 PM
Introduction of Shepherding Distribution toconstruct parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Open to the Public
Speaker: Arkabandhu Chowdhury
Sponsor: Computer Science
October 13
2:00 PM
Rice Faculty Data Science Meetup
Sponsor: Computer Science
October 18
4:00 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute and School of Humanities Lecture: Dr. John Mitchell presents..."Can Education Scale?"
Speaker: Dr. John Mitchell
Sponsor: Computer Science
October 21
3:30 PM
2016 REA Alumni Honors Presentation
Sponsor: Computer Science
October 27
4:00 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute's Technology, Cognition, and Culture Lecture Series: Dr. Moshe Vardi presents...“Humans, Machines, and Work: The Future is Now”
Speaker: Dr. Moshe Vardi
Sponsor: Computer Science
November 10
4:00 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute Lecture: Dr. Andrew Lo, MIT Sloan School of Management
Open to the Public
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Lo
Sponsor: Computer Science
January 19
4:00 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute and Baker Insitute for Public Policy Lecture: Dr. Sami Saydjari presents..."Defending Cyberspace: A New Frontier" by Sami Saydjari
Speaker: Sami Saydjari
Sponsor: Computer Science
January 25
4:00 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Alfred Z. Spector presents..."Big Data: Opportunities & Unanticipated Consequences"
Speaker: Dr. Alfred Z. Spector
Sponsor: Computer Science
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